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So we keep getting this mystery package from FedEx. It's addressed to some guy who doesn't live here, and never has, since we're the first people to ever live in this house. It showed up before Christmas, and I called up FedEx and said "hey, this is wrong, can you guys pick it up and return to sender or something?" They said sure, that someone would be by to pick it up the next day.

No one ever came the next day, or the day after, so we brought it back inside and debated what to do. We took it with us on a shopping trip and dropped it off at a FedEx location, where the guy at the desk said "it's not my problem, whatever," but took it anyway. (??)

Sure enough, a few days later, it was back outside our front door. What the heck. I called up FedEx again and told them the whole story again about how this is a brand new house and the guy this is addressed to does not live here, never has, and I have no idea who he is. Their suggestion? "Google him, I dunno."

What the heck, FedEx??

I tried Googling the recipient, the sender, everything. I get nothing. This box has been sitting by the door for over a month now.

Today, I go to look outside, and there's a FedEx sticker on the door for an "attempted pickup." Maybe they're trying to pick this package up? Maybe something else? I can't figure this out. I'm putting the mystery box and the sticker outside tonight so hopefully they'll come by and grab it tomorrow. At any rate, I hope they get it soon because I'm pretty curious as to what's inside at this point and there's very little stopping me from opening it up.

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