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  • 00:45:27: Is there a food item you can't stand (not allergic to,… — Not really. I like most foods. The only thing I can th… http://4ms.me/gdGfIn
  • 00:47:29: Would you rather hang out with a small group of friend… — I prefer smaller groups. I find it easier to follow co… http://4ms.me/gPNLj4
  • 01:11:13: I broke the site. I will fix it tomorrow when my brain has less alcohol and tired in it. #thishasnotbeenmyday
  • 01:13:33: Whoops.: I broke the site. I will fix it tomorrow when I am less tired. Sorry. :/ http://goo.gl/fb/4DZAA #webcomics
  • 01:16:19: I guess this works out anyway, because there's been an ever-growing list of things I wanted to clean up/fix. :B
  • 11:36:53: Fixing the site today, oh boy

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